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The workplaces are still recovering from the pandemic-caused challenges, the workforce is adapting to new ways of working, and HR departments have witnessed a major overhaul in how they run their day-to-day activities.

From the digitalization of almost all employee experience touchpoints, such as recruiting, onboarding, learning, etc., to consistently delivering personalized experiences to satisfy the needs of a diverse workforce - HR professionals have a lot on their table.

HR has to keep finding ways to stay on top of onboarding and retaining top talent in the current competitive talent marketplace, juggling new skills and know-how needed to manage the talent of a thriving organization.

Recognition and Rewards is a system that has been proven to work; successful R&R programs stimulate morale and job satisfaction, increase productivity, and improve employee engagement and talent retention. According to Deloitte, employee productivity, performance, and engagement are 14% higher in organizations with recognition programs than in those without them.

​Companies that offer a better employee value proposition and pay attention to the employee experience their workforce lives daily are more adaptable to turn inevitable challenges into stepping stones to success.

These days, companies face talent shortages and a need to rethink their talent strategies to close the skill gaps and secure their top talent from leaving. A corporate reset is a unique chance to define the future of work, but only when companies are responsive to the workforce’s needs.

In this webinar, you’ll learn the following:

🔹 Why today’s workplaces rely on a well-executed R&R strategy to accomplish company goals
🔹What is changing in the R&R practice, and what can we expect in 2023
🔹Best practices for creating a supportive culture of appreciation that future proofs your organization for change

To hear us talk about the upcoming trends, watch this webinar.

About Semos Cloud 

Semos Cloud is an HR technology firm that provides an Employee Experience platform built on SAP® system technology, including SuccessFactors® product suite solutions. Semos Cloud’s solutions for employee recognition, feedback, management, health and wellbeing, internal employee communication, and employee journeys are reshaping the experiences of thousands of employees across the globe. To learn more, visit

About the speakers

Ravijojla Novaković
Content Marketing Specialist at Semos Cloud

Ravijojla is an English and Hungarian philologist with an intense love for words and using them to explain complex notions in simple terms. At Semos Cloud, she focuses on textual, video and webinar content revolving around improving employee experience through DEI and wellbeing initiatives. In her free time, she practices chords on her metallic blue electric guitar.

Ivana Boshkovska
Product Owner for JobPts at Semos Cloud

Ivana has a degree in telecommunication engineering and has been with Semos Cloud for more than 7 years, making her a cherished product owner whose expertise is often sought. Her focus is on internal and external product vision and development, testing, curating and prioritizing clients’ requirements, while overseeing recognition and employee experience tools favored by Fortune 1000 companies. When she isn’t working, she’s taking care of her baby and being a medical enthusiast, reading everything about medicine.

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