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Employee Appreciation Day traditionally falls on the first Friday in March, and is a great opportunity for employers, managers, and employees themselves to engage their teammates and make that day better. First introduced in 1995, it gives employers an opportunity to recognize their employees’ work without a specific motive – just being thankful for the collective and individual effort of the workforce.

Employee appreciation has a direct relation to turnover, engagement and productivity. Happy employees are reported to be 31% more productive, if recognized, they are 63% more likely to stay in the company for the following 3-6 months, and 58% of employees reported they would engage more if recognized by company leadership. 

68% of HR Professionals say that employee recognition programs positively affect employee retention. 

Still, it takes a lot to introduce a recognition program that is engaging, that feels fair and that does not become a chore for employees and managers alike.

During this webinar, we will present the best practices that ensure just that. Easily applicable ideas to use for the Employee Appreciation Day, but also any other occasion that makes sense for your particular situation.

Stefan Georgievski and Ivana Temelkova discuss the ways to introduce a recognition program, fun ways to recognize employees top-down or peer-to-peer, reasons the rewards budget pays off faster than a standard compensation and action steps you may take to help employees feel better.

In this webinar, you will learn about:

🔹 Ways to celebrate appreciation days
🔹 Other popular events that can be celebrated across the company 
🔹 Difference between and benefits of monetary and non-monetary recognitions

🔹 Promoting the recognition program to ensure its adoption.

About Semos Cloud 

Semos Cloud is an HR technology firm that provides an Employee Experience platform built on SAP® system technology, including SuccessFactors® product suite solutions. Semos Cloud’s solutions for employee recognition, feedback, management, health and wellbeing, internal employee communication, and employee journeys are reshaping the experiences of thousands of employees across the globe. To learn more, visit

About the speakers

Sales Development Representative at Semos Cloud 

As a business growth professional with over 6 years of experience, working mostly in the B2B sphere - Ivana has entered the everchanging world of HR to understand how to shape positive workplace experiences and enable people for success. Her role in Semos Cloud revolves around consulting mid-large clients on all appreciation and rewards initiatives and simply creating irresistible employee journeys along the way.

Sales Development Representative at Semos Cloud 

With four years of business development experience, with a strong focus on enterprise clients, Stefan is a passionate SDR at Semos Cloud. He specializes in and provides consultative services to mid-large market clients over rewards and recognition and internal communication strategies, helping them have happier and more engaged employees. 

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