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The importance of internal communications has been on the rise for the past couple of years. Partially, that was due to the effect of a pandemic and making sure the workforce stays connected in new circumstances. On the other hand, the rising trend started even earlier due to the changing nature of work.

The globalized workforce thrives on efficient communications systems, which at times can get siloed, clustered, and outright messy.

Introducing Rocco Giuliano, an experienced internal communications expert, driving the change in leading technology company SAP. He will share the intricacies of internal communications systems in SAP.

You will find out:

🔷 How does internal communication affect the entirety of the workforce? 
🔷 How does technology/software impact internal communications?
🔷 What are the trends to look forward to?
🔷 How to determine your organization's needs from internal communication?
🔷 How he managed to replace nine dissociated tools to effectively communicate with just one? 

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About Guest:

Rocco Giuliano
HR Communications Expert @ SAP

Rocco Giuliano jokingly describes himself as an HR and SAP dinosaur. Since starting his professional career in 2004, he has taken on various roles in HR, from HR Service Consultant to an internal consulting role, driving process and automation standardization. In that time, he explored the potential of internal communications and HR in various roles. He went from learning about HR requirements from the employee side to owning employee-facing communications and SAP’s automated contract generation process. Now, in an expert role, he works on blueprinting and driving the HR Comms HUB for SAP. It’s this unique and vast experience that allows him to keep up with and implement the latest trends and technologies for internal communications and to constantly improve the processes. In addition to his business role, you may have come across him as an author, as he has published a book about his Italian hometown.

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